Amazing Video

By Andrew Kao

 This snapper spends hours painstakingly putting together explosive action shots – out of TOYS.

 Photographer Jared Middleton, 26, recreates the dramatic scenes using well-known children’s characters like a Stormtrooper from Star Wars and Pokemon’s Charmander.

PIC FROM Jared Middleton/Caters News

 Call centre worker Jared, from New York, began taking the pictures as a hobby in 2014 in local parks, abandoned buildings and his own backyard.

 He said: “After I started taking my toy photography, I began posting my collection on Instagram.

 “Following this, I discovered a massive community completely revolved around collecting and toy photography.

“I was inspired by the many talented photographers so I started myself and used a combination of techniques I’ve learned from others and ones I come up with myself.

PIC FROM Jared Middleton/Caters News

 “For a shoot, I’ll travel to one of my favourite spots and spend hours setting up scenes and taking photos – and getting a lot more dirty than I planned.”

To create the scenes, Jared will collect up a bag of toys of his choice and a bag of tools, including tripods, wires and even fireworks.

The action figure collector was inspired to create the photography due to his love of comics and video games and describes himself as a ‘big kid’ inside.

PIC FROM Jared Middleton/Caters News

 Jared added: “When I started thinking out of the box, I began to grow into a better photographer.

 “Now the reception to my work is better than I’ve ever imagined – I’m very lucky.

 “I’m hopeful my toy photography become more recognised throughout the world.”