By Kristiana Hall

These stags were left thinking ‘SNOW DEER‘ after being caught struggling through huge drifts.

Austrian amateur snapper Christian Haslbeck, 35, caught the shots in the mountains of Hochkonig, Austria, earlier this month.

PIC FROM Christian Haslbeck/Caters News

In the carpenter’s incredible images, the huge snow drifts are so deep only the deers’ heads can be seen poking through after more than 3ft of the white stuff fell in a single night.

Christian said: “A lot of snow had fallen, more than one metre [3ft] through the night.

“I have never seen so much snow, there was a high avalanche warning.

PIC FROM Christian Haslbeck/Caters News

“Being a hunter, I went to look for the deer and check on the food stations we had built for them.

“Suddenly I saw in the snow the head of a big male deer.

“He was looking at me, but his body was completely covered with snow.

“The snow was not heavy, so he could move slowly forward

PIC FROM Christian Haslbeck/Caters News

“I took some pictures – the animal didn’t seem to be very frightened.

“Shortly after, I saw a group of five female deer making their way through the high snow and even jumping over a small creek.”