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By Federico Cornetto

An inspiring kid with Down’s Syndrome is helping take care of his three disabled brothers.

Simon Clark helps his parents feed and dress adopted brothers, David, five, and Jon, six – who both have Cerebral Palsy – and Alex, six, who also has Down’s Syndrome.

Pic by Jeremy Clark/Caters News

In adorable footage, the exuberant four-year-old tirelessly darts around from one duty to another, at home in Salt Lake City, Utah, before delivering goodnight kisses.

Since moving from Bulgaria last month, Simon helps his siblings eat using spoons and feeding syringes before putting them to bed, but he also spends a lot of time playing with them in the living room and garden.

Dad Jeremy, 33, a PE teacher with experience training children with special needs, said: “Last month, Simon joined our family from Bulgaria.

“He is the fourth Bulgarian child I and my wife have adopted.

Pic by Jeremy Clark/Caters News

“He’s enjoyed the company of his brothers quite a bit, he jumped right in and started playing and taking care of his brothers.

“Since Simon has joined us, the days have become longer, they start a bit earlier and end a bit later and there’s more time to be a good parent.”

Jeremy and wife Nicole, 31, have always had a passion for adoption and they decided early on in their marriage that it would be one way that they would grow their family.

According to Jeremy, Simon can run and play football and he knows his way around mobile phones and tablets.

Jeremy said: “Simon loves to be with people.

“While he can speak Bulgarian, he still can’t speak English, but out of our four children he is the most verbal, so he’ll say ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.

Pic by Jeremy Clark/Caters News

“He’s still learning but we’re confident that he’ll become verbal, while his brothers not so much.”

“Raising four kids with special needs requires a lot of work and there are many things you have to do.

“The key is finding joy throughout each of those activities.

“Recently, I timed how long it would take to wash their teeth and get them ready to bed, and it took 30 minutes, so even if I work really hard it always takes a long time.

“Fortunately my wife Nicole, who had been a nurse for 10 years, quit her job to become a stay-at-home mum and takes care of the children full-time.”

Despite the difficulties, Jeremy says there is great joy in interacting with special needs children on a daily basis because how enthusiastic they are.

He said: “Taking care of these children can be a great experience.

“They are always excited and full of joy.

“They get really happy over simple things that other kid could sometimes take for granted.”