Animals Video

By Neo Bye 

 This adorable puppy has all the determination but is just no good at catching – as this footage shows.

 Teddy bear-like chow chow Barney bear has been filmed trying and failing to catch slices of meat in his mouth by owner Sophie Harrison, 25.

 Instead, the meat lands anywhere but his mouth, but this doesn’t stop Barney from giving it another go.

 Business operations worker Sophie, from Berkshire, said: “Barney isn’t the brightest dog, unfortunately, he has never been able to catch anything no matter the size or how delicious he thinks it is.

“He is extremely stubborn as well, so doesn’t give up without giving it a good go!

“We’ve had previous pets that would jump up to catch the food, Barney not so much.

“He’d much rather let it slap him on the head then try to eat it.

 “We find him hilarious, he is always doing something every day that makes us smile.

 “Whether it’s missing food to catch or dragging all his toys out the toy box until he finds the one he wants.”