Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye 

 A knife throwing virtuoso pinned a flying ring to a wooden trunk with one throw through its middle.

 On January 19, Cody Cooper was throwing knives at a log in his backyard in Loveland, Colorado, when he decided he would attempt an out-of-this-world trick.

 The 30-year-old baker and cook placed a ring on the top of the blade, flicked in up in the air and then centred it with the knife, securing it to the log.

 Cody said: “This particular trick took me around two hours of trying to get it. 

“When I finally hit this shot it was sheer euphoria, that awkward little kick there was the purest expression of joy I had in me at the time!

 “Hours of work and days of practice finally coming together to pull off the most difficult trick I had attempted to date, and at the same time, just moments after I had to think to myself ‘ok, now what is next?’, and I definitely have ideas.”