By David Aspinall

This inquisitive ferret loves to inspect her owner’s boots whenever she tries to get dressed.

While Megan McCain attempted to get ready for work on April 5, nosy Ferris decided it would be the perfect time to dive head first into her shoes.

Jumping into the left boot, the seven-year-old fluffy rodent wasn’t perturbed when it topples to the floor, even rolling on to his back while still staring at the insole.

Having audibly scratched around inside for a few seconds, cheeky Ferris frees himself before sniffing the outside and chewing on the footwear.

Megan, from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, said: “Ferris does this every day as I’m trying to leave the house and it’s always super adorable.

“Usually he is really relaxed but whenever he hears me getting ready he wants to check everything out.

“For around five minutes he will sniff me like he’s making sure I have everything I need.

“Then he climbs in my shoes and often gets stuck in at least one of them and needs help getting out again.”