By Charles Wade-Palmer

These leaping guinea pigs prove everything is ten times funnier in slow motion.

Katherine Bar’s family of furry piggies have become internet sensations and their hilarious determination to avoid the floorboards by jumping rug to rug might have something to do with it.

Katherine lives with her husband, Zvi in New York City, USA and under the name of The Lava Empire she shares videos of her cute guinea pigs with over 80,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Katherine said: “We got our first guinea pig in 2013 right before Christmas and we soon noticed they jump the gap between the carpets and thought it was funny, like they play the floor is lava.

“They bring so much joy to us and thousands of others around the world.

“Having many means I can leave for the whole day and I do not need to worry about them getting lonely because they have each other’s company.”

Never have a group of guinea pigs looked so athletic as in true Grand National style they one-by-one make a leap of faith from one rug to another.

When Katherine first saw her fluffy rodents doing all they could to avoid the laying foot on the wooden floorboard in her sitting room, she thought it looked like they considered it to be lava.

Inspired Katherine started social media accounts under the name of The Lava Empire and with daily videos of her gang, their fan base has erupted to more than 80,000 followers.

Guinea pigs are better known for their appetite that their athleticism which is probably why watching them jump in slow motion is as funny as it is satisfying.

Katherine said: “We have five right now, four females and one neutered male called: Ella, Bella Rose, Phoebe, Bianca and Dandy.

“They are very cute and perfect companions for both me and Zvi as well as each other, I don’t know how much exactly but they eat a lot and they require a lot of care.

“They can get very costly especially when they get sick vet bills can get very, very high, but it’s all worth it because they are family.”