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By Josh Saunders

Paranormal investigators claim to have captured recordings that states a pregnant nun ghost was murdered. 

Craig Jones and Matt Wood, 28 and 48, could have solved the mystery surrounding the death of a catholic female haunting Huntingdon in Cambridge, with their chilling video.

PICS BY CRAIG JONES / CATERS NEWS : On the location of the recording, with Mark Egerton who is the Author of The Haunted Histories of Huntingdonshire

Upon asking the spiritual world to confirm how the nun of ‘Nun’s Bridge’ died, the voice recorded through a ‘spirit box’ seems to say, ‘You know’ before later adding, ‘Murdered’.

Taking the freaky footage in the early hours of New Year’s Eve, the device scans radio frequencies and creates a white noise through which otherworld beings can communicate.  

Filming for their show ‘The Unknown’ the paranormal-loving pair are adamant they did not ‘fake’ anything and were surprised with the results they received. 

Local legend believes that a nun either committed suicide or was murdered on the bridge after a love affair with a monk left her pregnant.

PICS BY CRAIG JONES / CATERS NEWS: Filming for the show ‘The Unknown’

It’s believed her spirit and others who have died there in accidents haunt Alconbury brook, renamed ‘Nun’s Bridge’ after the story.

What is known is that a former convent, now called Hinchingbrooke House, was dissolved by Henry VIII to enact his plan to divorce his first wife Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn.

Five-years-ago analysis of skeletons found at the site in the 1834, believe the remains to be of two Benedictine nuns dating from 994-1050 – one male and one female who was pregnant.

Craig, a boarding support worker, said: “I believe there is a voice that said, ‘How you do’.

“It also said, ‘You should know’ and after I asked if the nun was murdered or committed suicide, we had a response back saying ‘murdered’. 

“Of course, we can’t be guarantee that this is defiantly what was being said but it sounds very much like that. 

PICS BY CRAIG JONES / CATERS NEWS: Craig and Matt host the show The Unknown

“Some of the voices we didn’t realise until we were playing back the footage which is what often happens. 

“We heard the voice ‘murdered’ just after I asked the question. 

“To us this was a big surprise but also great as it was an intelligent response to the question that I just asked. 

“No one knows what actually happened to the Nun so is this the answer to what people have been wondering for years. 

“We can’t be sure but it’s great that it come through.”

The pair were filming for five hours with camera man on the bridge when they heard the unusual voice coming through on their device.

BY CRAIG JONES / CATERS NEWS: There filming took place between Dec 30 and the early hours of New Years Eve, they heard multiple things come through the spirit box – including you know, who are you and mroe

They used a mixture of a normal video camera for the light parts of the bridge and then night vision for the darker spots.

Craig explains how their device works, he said: “A spirit box works by scanning radio frequency which creates a white noise level and it’s said that, that’s where you can get voices of spirits. 

“Of course, you can get small snippets of radio coming through but when we scan it we scan it in reverse which scans very quick. 

“So you shouldn’t get any voices coming through at all. 

“But when you get voices come through with words and something even a few words in a row with the same voice and answering 

questions that we just asked then it’s pretty crazy. 

“There are times when we have no voices coming through at all. 

PICS BY CRAIG JONES / CATERS NEWS: The Unknown team, Craig Jones, Matt Wood and cameraman Jack on different shoots for their show

“And we have had voices through in the past down in Nuclear bunkers where there is literally no signal at all for it to be radio.” 

During the eerie encounter the pair felt a ‘very cold’ presence and believe to have seen multiple flashes from the corner of their eyes, only to see nothing there.

While they cannot confirm that the spirits spoke to them, they are adamant no trickery is taking place.

Craig said: “The voices that said “how you do” and “you should know” sounds like a woman. 

“But when I asked if the nun was murdered or killed herself, the voice “murdered” sounded like a males voice. 

“But there is also a story that the nuns brother killed the nun as she disrespected the family by falling pregnant. 

“It’s hard to know who they were without names.

“Also there were many fatalities on the bridge as that was originally the main road. 

“The road is very small and there were many deaths that occurred of people being struck by cars.”