Animals Video

By Jack Williams

An intrigued canoeist could not believe his eyes recently, when he happened to come across a giant MANATEE MATING HERD.

In the crystal-clear footage Michael McCarthy was able to capture from above, roughly 10 manatees can be seen intertwined int he murky waters.

Pic by See Through Canoe / Caters

The video was shot off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida, where Michael, 50, runs a company called See Through Canoe.

As manatees do not form permanent bonds like some animal species, their breeding methods see a single female, known as a cow, followed by a group of up to a dozen or so males, known as bulls.

Michael said: “The location is one where I almost always see manatees, and on this particular occasion, I was able to see and hear the commotion as they splashed around on the surface of the water from quite a ways away.

Pic by See Through Canoe / Caters

“I was really happy with how well the footage turned out and didn’t really realize how good it looked until I looked at it later on my laptop.”

In order to capture such footage, Michael said, it’s important to keep a safe distance from a rowdy group like this.

He added: “All of the footage was taken with cameras that had good zoom lenses so the manatees weren’t disturbed or even aware of me.”