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By Niamh Shackleton

 A morbidly obese cat has been caught REFUSING to exercise despite her owners’ best efforts.

 The moggy, known as ‘Fat Laila’ by her owners, Lee, 41, and Sidney Davidson, 31, has baffled vets as her weight – despite being on a diet – has continued to rise.

Pic by Caters News

 Now weighing 22.5 pounds [1st 5lbs], Laila refuses to exercise despite being prompted by her owners to go for ‘walkies’ every day.

 Lee and Sidney are now appealing for help to solve the mystery behind their obese cat, who they found wandering the streets in 2015.

 They decided to set up a social media page dedicated to the chunky kitty and have shared dozens of hilarious videos of her refusing to exercise.

Pic by Caters News

Lee, from Gainesville, Florida, US, said: “At one point Laila was gaining one pound every month, which was crazy for a cat her size.

 “She has been on different diet foods for over a year and we cannot get her to lose weight, the vets are baffled too.

 “She’s also had her thyroid tested three times and now we’re doing a cortisol test to see why the diet food isn’t working. 

“We look like irresponsible owners as she’s so noticeably obese but we have tried everything.

 “We decided to set up a social media page for her because she was really popular online and often people asked if we were going to set one up just for Laila.”

Pic by Caters News

 For eights months Laila was secretly stealing non-diet food from her cat brothers, Sergio and Tomer, after she climbed up the counters, something she had never done before.

Lee said: “She’s that greedy that she would pretend that she couldn’t jump on the counters because of her weight, then behind our back would jump up on them and eat her brother’s food that we put up there to purposely keep away from her

“She was doing this for around eight months until we caught her one day.

“We were in shock and immediately moved the food in the hope this would spark her weight loss.

Pic by Caters News

 “However, she hasn’t lost weight since and there’s no way she can access any other food.”

Despite her 22 pound size,  Laila hasn’t always been big – the couple took her in as rescue kitten after finding her starving near a church in 2015 when they lived in Savannah, Georgia.

Lee believes the cat began to gain weight following the stress of moving from Georgia to Florida.

But Laila’s owners are determined to help her lose weight and claim they won’t give up on physically take her outside to ensure she’s exercising.

Lee said: “It’s still kind of a mystery as to why she’s putting on weight! 

“We are testing her cortisol levels next, we believe it’s a combination of stress from the move and being spayed, but we aren’t really sure.”