By Kristiana Hall

This squirrel has been watching too much Superman after it was caught flying through the air and defying gravity.

Alan McFadyen, 49, took the images on January 22 while in his hometown of Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

The wildlife enthusiast was delighted by his super-squirrel sequence after watching the four-legged animal gliding through the air.

*Alan McFadyen/Caters News

The business owner said: “I’d previously observed the squirrel while in a camouflaged tent known as a hide.

“I had noticed they would sometimes jump over six feet to get to the table so I decided to try and capture it on camera.

“I simply positioned myself face on and just waited on the right moment for them to jump.”The Scotsman braced freezing cold temperatures to ensure he captured the perfect shot – with it even reaching as low as minus four degrees.

Alan McFadyen/Caters News

Alan added: “I only intended to try and capture the squirrel flying through the air for 30 minutes but it was so addictive and I stayed for six hours – I was frozen to the bone.

“But I was over the moon with the results, I thought it could take months to get a good picture.”

Thankfully Alan’s 10 years of photography experience and lifelong passion for wildlife paid off, even if it did leave him freezing cold.