By Aliki Kraterou

The UK’s answer to Marie Kondo makes £25 an hour decluttering people’s houses – just like in Netflix smash Tidying Up.

Busy mum-of-two Rachel Burditt, 38, turned her habit for tidying into a business and now spends her days helping messy clients get their wardrobes, kitchens and lives in order.

Known as the ‘Declutter Darling’, Rachel from Lutterworth, Leics, said she was inspired by Marie Kondo way before her Netflix show but admitted the programme has given interest in her business a huge boost.

And the former fashion worker claims more clients than ever are only determined to have a tidy home not to keep their lives in order but for the perfect Instagram shot.

Rachel said it all started when she and her then-boyfriend – now husband – bought their own property and she instantly became obsessed with tidying, organising and folding.

The self-confessed ‘neat freak’ said: “Since becoming a home owner in my twenties, I’ve always enjoyed tidying and living in an organised house.

“I really enjoy helping people organise their homes and turning it into a calm environment – it not only provides them with more space, but also clears their inner self of all the stress that the clutter comes with.

“It definitely is a dream job for me – I adore organising, clearing and folding, basically anything organising related and I’m in heaven.

“I do realise how hard it can be for people to stay tidy and I’ve physically changed some of clients’ lives for the better.

“Since Tidying Up aired on Netflix, my friends tell her I’m the UK’s Marie Kondo.

“I don’t mind that as I’m a big fan and have read her books and learned a lot – her method is thorough, committed and organised.”

Rachel began her business when she was pregnant with second child, Indiana now three, and wanted to choose her own hours to fit in with her young family.

She noticed similar professional tidying businesses had popped up in the US and Australia but discovered there was a gap in the market in the UK.

Now Rachel – who insists clever storage solutions are the key to her success – can declutters up to four homes a week

The mum travels across the country helping people get their homes in order and claims a lot of her clients are celebrities.

Some only call her twice a year, while others ask her back every month to rearrange their homes.

Rachel, who also calls on storage baskets and Tupperwares as mess solutions, said: “I have an absolute mix of clients, from retired gentlemen whose wives have passed to people who are moving house.

“There’s a lot of working mums who have toys everywhere and can’t see the wood for the trees.

“I’m always professional, but I have to live their life and show them how to maintain it.

“Some clients prefer to be with me when I start decluttering, but others just leave me their keys and let me get on with it when they are out.

“At the moment, people ask me for help with their wardrobes and kitchens mostly – the trend of celebrities posting on social media has made everyone desperate to get the perfect Instagrammable shot of their home.”