Video Viral

By Taniya Dutta

Commuters were left stunned when an adrenaline junkie backflipped in front of an oncoming train.

Raphaël Bourgeat-lami, 24, was filmed performing the move on the edge of a station platform in Paris as the train chugged in on Wednesday [Jan 23].

The mobile phone footage shows the thrill seeker, wearing a loose red sweatshirt and trackpants, waiting on the very edge of the platform as one lady asks why he is standing in such a precarious position.


As soon as the train approaches the platform, a confident Raphaël performs the stunning flip – leaving the two women gasping.

Raphaël, from Nimes in the South of France, said: “It was a personal mental challenge.

“I tried the flip several times without the train, I did about 20 perfect ones first.

“The commuters watching were surprised and impressed. They told me to be careful.”


Raphael, who shares his daredevil stunts with his 18,000 followers on Instagram page @raphoubl, said he never performs any stunts without being completely sure of safety.

The thrill seeker has been practicing parkour and free-running for the last 10 years.

He added: “Before making a flip that is risky, I test it many times to be 100% sure that I will succeed.


“I do not think I am risking my life because I am focused on what I’m doing.

“I have been training for ten years and I think I have enough mastery to do that.”