Life Video

By Federico Cornetto

 A homeless man broke down in tears after being reunited with his missing dog after one week.

 Lee, 24, from Leeds, had been on a desperate search for beloved pooch Crystal who went missing on January 15 and he was delighted to see her being brought back to him after a week on Tuesday [Jan 22]. 

Lee kept crying as he hugged and cuddled his two-year-old dog, who he said was ‘all he had’.

 According to Toni Mella Sweeney from Leeds’ volunteer group Helping Hands, Crystal ran off after she got scared by an argument that broke out near her and Lee in the underpass where they were sleeping.

Toni said: “For two days we had sightings, then nothing.

“Someone was rumoured to be seen with her, but we never confirmed that 

“I contacted Murphy’s Army for help and they swiftly put a team in place, people from all over the Country sent well wishes, and followers were doing all the posters.”

The rumours immediately sparked fears of Crystal being stolen, increasing the anxiety of the devastated owner.

Fortunately, after a one-week search Crystal was found by a game keeper in Kirkstall Forge.

Toni said: “It was awesome when I received the call.

 “The whole event was a whole week of panic and broken emotions, Lee and I spent time together whilst I consoled him and reassured him.

“The morning I received the call I immediately went to find Lee.

“I covered half of Leeds and eventually found him by the coin exchange.

 “We went for food to calm down and then I took him to be reunited with his baby.

“As you can see from the video, it was altogether mind-blowing.”