Animals Video

By Randal Coombs 

A distraught dog rolled on his back and started ‘dancing’ around in a desperate effort to remove its new snow boots.

 Bull Terrier Rex, six, was walking around his neighbourhood in Whitinsville, Massachusetts, USA, on January 17, when he tried to take off the bothersome booties he was wearing on his front paws.

 The poor dog lay on his back and began kicking with all four legs, performing an unintended and yet adorable dance that went viral online.

Owner Diane Metcalf said: “He absolutely refuses to walk more than a half block or so while wearing them, he couldn’t shake them off, so he started biting them after this video was shot and tried to rip them to pieces, so we gave up.

“We generally don’t have him wear booties, but he had walked through some road salt a few days previously and we were trying to protect his paws from further exposure.”