Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

 The hilarious moment three party guests grabbed the birthday man’s head and shoved it into the cake was captured on camera.

 Alexis Vela, from Tempe, Arizona, was celebrating his 21st birthday on January 21 when his three roommates decided to spice up the celebration by pushing his head into the tres leches cake and then throw all kinds of food at him.

 Alex’s girlfriend, Briseyda Mora, who filmed the prank, said: “It was super unexpected.

 “But he had eggs, milk, pancake mix, Hot Cheetos, dish soap, an empty box of brisk, a box of forks and the whole cake thrown at him.

“He was totally fine with it though, he was laughing and started to chase every one of his friends around the apartment to give them a hug while covered in everything.”