By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment a daredevil leaps from a mountain merely feet from unsuspecting tourists in an eye-watering stunt.

In the Aiguille du Midi mountain range, Chamonix, France, groups of holidaymakers flock to the renowned ‘skywalk’ attraction – a glass box that dangles over a sheer mountainside drop that makes for a knee-knocking view.

Directly next to some daring tourists stood posing for photos in the skywalk, a more daring thrill seeker perches on the edge of the mountainside preparing to jump off the protective wall.

Equipped with nothing more than a wingsuit, parachute and a helmet, the anonymous pilot dangles over the ledge before leaping and disappearing into the 12,600ft rocky canyons below before flying out of sight.

Jonny Nossol, from Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, said: “It was pure insanity.

“We were just enjoying the view and suddenly I turn to see a man physically dangling off the edge preparing to jump.

“To watch them jump from that height with just a wing-suit was completely surreal, it makes my stomach feel funny just thinking about it.

“I sky-dived once before, but that is nothing like what this guy, and around 10 others who later jumped, were doing.

“Thankfully all the jumps were successful and everyone landed safely.”