By Jamie Smith

It’s panda-monium! Two cute baby bears have been captured climbing up tree branches while playing with each other.

Photographer Dafna Ben Nun, 38, captured the images while visiting panda breeding centres in Sichuan, China.

Pic by Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News

His images show the playful young pandas enjoying themselves before it all gets too much and one falls asleep.

Dafna, from Israel, said: “I love to see their behaviour and interactions – especially between the younger ones.

Pic by Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News

“I visited the breeding centre as I wanted to document and learn about the release of pandas into the wild.

“I think it is very important to conserve pandas – they are very territorial animals so the biggest problem after releasing them into the wild is that they can kill each other.”

Pic by Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News