Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the incredible moment a cricket was HOPPING for a miracle after a fight broke out between itself and a praying mantis. 

Self-employed diver Eric Desmet, 55, captured the moment whilst on a hike with his wife, Angela, in Cannes, France. 

Eric’s wife, spotted the two critters fighting when she saw something moving on path ahead. 

Eric, keen to capture the scene, started filming the incredible fight in mid October 2018.

The cricket was trying to jump to safety and get away whilst the praying mantis remained clinging on.

After more than 15 minutes the cricket eventually succumbed to the mantis’ strength after hitting into a nearby tree. 

Eric said: “I was impressed with the cruel reality of nature from one predator to another. 

“It was incredible to see the cricket never give up. 

“It was an amazing scene to witness.”