Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

 A neglected cat has undergone a dramatic transformation to open her eyes for the first time in one month – and they’re beautiful.

 Cotton, the short-haired cat, was found on a beach in Florida, US WHEN? and was so severely neglected that she couldn’t even open his eyes.

PIC FROM Caters news

 But after being rescued by the Animal Friends Project, Cotton looks unrecognisable and has heterochromia iridium – whereby his eyes are two different colours, one is blue and the other is green.

 Carmen Morales Weinberg, 56, who rescued Cotton, said: “Cotton had a severe skin infection, he was very underweight and dehydrated.

 “It’s likely we was unable to find food because he wasn’t able to see properly from the mange effecting his eyes.”

PIC FROM Caters news

Carmen, a full-time animal rescuer – who has since adopted Cotton – founded the Animal Friends Project after seeing lots of stray cats in low income areas within South Florida.

She said: “A the beginning he was not very friendly to other people and would only tolerate petting for a very short time.

“With time he began to relax and then I didn’t have the heart to give him to someone else and make him to have to adjust to another family.

“He is very attached to me now and always follows me around the house.”