Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

 An angry rhino charged and hit a safari car after being startled by a volunteer. 

 Wildlife monitor, Sam Vorster, captured the footage during a safari trip in Manyoni Private Game, South Africa, whilst with two tourists. 


 Sam noticed the rhino seemed to be injured and wanted to take a closer look to see what these injuries were. 

 After making soothing tones in the hope of keeping the rhino calm, it slowly started to approach the car. 

 As the animal approached the vehicle, one of the tourists dropped their camera strap, startling the rhino. 

 The startled animal then charged at the car before hitting it, forcing Sam to drive the car away to safety. 


 Sam said: “This specific black rhino is one of my most favourite individual animals ever, because his personality was so evident.  

“It was obvious the ‘light tap’ was just a warning and not the real deal.

As soon as the rhino hit the car, I dropped my phone and drove away before he came back for real. 

“It was common to see him, but it was the only time I’ve known him to make contact with a vehicle.”