By Jamie Smith

Incredible images show the moment a harmless ray was rescued by two swimmers on a death-defying dive – before one snapped an epic selfie.

Photographer and scuba instructor, Jun V Lao, captured the amazing selfie during a dive in Manta Bowl in the Philippines’ Ticao Pass, dubbed one of the world’s most feared diving location due to its strong currents.

Pic By Jun V Lao/Caters News

In the stunning images, Jun is joined by pal, Jomer, with the pair seen rescuing a manta ray that was tangled in fishing lines and had open wounds.

Jun even had time to snap a selfie with the ray after the pals pulled a few feet of fishing line off the ocean creature.

Jun said: “This encounter with a giant manta began by it begging us to get closer to it.

Pic By Jun V Lao/Caters News 

“We cut removed some fishing line which had been cutting through the frontal lobe, as well as the right wing.

“It was awesome being able to be doing the right thing. It was my first time to witness a manta and for it to ask for help.

“Jomer cut a few feet of the fishing line off.

Pic By Jun V Lao/Caters News 

“While the ray was not moving, I decided to take the selfie to show how the operation was being conducted, as well as giving a close up of the frontal lobe that had been cut.”