By Christina Wood

A mum-of-one’s honest post highlighting the reality of ‘pram snobbery’ has gone viral after she boldly defended her decision not to buy a brand new pram costing the price of a holiday.

Gylisa Jayne, 24, got ‘pram envy’ when she couldn’t afford a pushchair for her one-year-old, costing the staggering price of £1,500 and had to use second hand prams and a £40 Aldi one.


However, on Thursday [6th April] the blogger hit back at mums who show off their prams ‘like cars’ declaring she’s glad she didn’t splash out on a pushchair that her daughter, Lily, would quickly grow out of.

The post, which see Gylisa hit out at what she calls a ‘secret pram world’, has since been shared 11,775 times and has more than 56,000 likes.

Even though her pram’s squeaky wheels ’embarrass’ the mum, she admits her jealousy has now disappeared after realising the flashy pushchairs are just ‘a status thing.’

Gylisa, from Pensilva, in Cornwall, said: “There’s a secret pram world. People do look at what pram you have. It’s a status thing.

“I know now that it wouldn’t have been worth it to get the expensive one because she would have grown out of it.

“She doesn’t care what she’s in. It’s purely for the parents. I think a lot of mums relate to this. It’s not something women think about before having babies.


“I wrote [the post] because I was thinking about it when I was at my friend’s house last week. My pram wheels squeak when I push it and it’s embarrassing.

“It reminded me of when me and my partner, [Ryan Evans, 25] went into one shop and when we saw the prams I thought I can’t afford this.

“I was like, ‘how do people afford this?’ People always used to tell me that kids are so expensive but I didn’t realise.

“You’re so jealous of seeing everybody else’s prams. They’re so nice. People are so proud of their prams like how people are proud when they have a nice car.

“They want everybody to see it.”

The 24-year-old admits she never cared about prams until she was introduced to the ‘world of pram snobbery’ and couldn’t help but wish she could afford the same luxury.

Instead their first pram was second hand given by a family member and when their daughter grew out of that they bought one from a car boot sale for £10.

Gylisa said: “The one we have now was bought from Aldi for £40, it looks like it’s going to collapse any moment.

“I’m so glad I didn’t spend so much money on a pram because she just always wants to be carried anyway. The envy has gone.

“Someone commented on my blog saying they spend £1,500 on a pram, but they could have spent that on a holiday. There is better stuff money can go on.”

Gylisa has received messages from mums, some revealing that they now regret spending so much on prams while others stood by their decisions.


Gylisa’s post read: “When I was pregnant, I gave less than half a s*** about what type of pram we got. One with wheels and that went along was all I cared about.

“Ryan promised he would be the one pushing it anyway – ( I was going through the ‘ I want this baby out of me and away from me’ stage at this point, I’ll admit.)

“So it just sort of became his job to find what prams were best, and I felt he would do us well with his choice.

“Turns out Pram Envy is a ‘thing’, cos everywhere we went, Ryan would gawp at people’s choice of pram.

“I hadn’t noticed prams before, or even really cared. But now I was introduced to the world of Pram Snobbery.

“I mean, no one wants to be pushing around a ‘Ladybird’ pram when you could have a f***ing Quinny 3?!

“What you chose to lay your child in, regardless of potential Poo-namis or not – was important. Obviously.

“So we went to [a pram shop] a few weeks before D Day – and had a look around the prams in there.

“I learnt that everyone else is either way richer than me, or it’s just normal for a pram to cost more than we’ve ever spent on a f***ing CAR.


“I read the specifications on those things, and apparently for a pram that costs the best part of a thousand pounds – it won’t change a nappy, drive itself, or be worth anything as an heirloom.

“Anyway, fast forward a year or so – and we got a second hand pram.

“She grew out of that, so we decided to take the plunge and buy an actual Shop Bought Pram. (They had a special buys offer in Aldi )

“After parting with a solid £40, I was excited to join the ‘New Pram’ club.

“Yes, everyone else’s was worth at least 10x what mine was… But mine actually came out of a BOX this time, and not off a car boot stall for a tenner…

“Needless to say, the excitement didn’t last long. And do you know why? Because no one tells you, when you are parting with your (or someone else’s) hard earned cash..

“That you can have the Top of the Range, Ferrari-equivalent, Needed a loan for, flashiest pram in the whole world…

“But when they can walk, will they sit in it? Will they f***.”