Video Viral

By Junior Sousa

A thrill-seeker – who had never been on a roller coaster before – has been caught passing out while on his first ride. 

Karol Jesus Lucero, 30, was on a roller coaster at a theme park in Los Angeles, US, when he noticed his best friend, Joaquin Mendez, 31, passed out with his eyes open on the seat next to him. 

The clip shows the pair enjoying the fast-paced ride before Karol turns the camera and notices his friend unconscious. 

Karol said: “It was Joaquin’s first time on a roller coaster, but I didn’t know he would pass out! 

“I laughed at first, then checked on him, then when he woke up we laughed again – he was out cold for almost a minute.”

Luckily, Jaoquin has made a full recovery but he might think twice before going on a roller coaster again.