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By Becca Husselbee

A dad-of-two was inspired to run 10 kilometres a day for a whole year after his son was diagnosed with autism and has even been compared to the film legend Forest Gump.

Si Hall, 34, from Bacup, Lancashire, got on his running shoes and aimed to run six miles a day, over 365 days, to raise money for charity, even running on Christmas day and his birthday.

MERCURY PRESS: Simon Hall with his son Isaac

Si, who works for his local council repairing bridges, began the challenge after the family went through the difficulty diagnosis of his eldest son, Isaac’s autism, and even ventured as far as Hadrian’s wall to complete his daily run.

He said: “I hadn’t done any regular exercise for a while but back in summer 2016, I really found my passion for running again.

“I began doing lots of regular running but I really wanted to do something special for Isaac after he was diagnosed with autism in November 2017.

“I knew I could run 10 kilometres quite comfortably and didn’t think anything of it when I came up with the idea, but it became apparent quite quickly how hard it would be to stick to, by the 11 Jan in fact.

“It was clear that it would rely on many other people in order for it to work, as it took up a part of my day, meaning I spent less time with the family or that I had to reply on Becky, my wife, or  my dad to watch the kids while I headed out every evening.


“Without them I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

Si, would leave his family home, where he lives with wife, Becky, 34, 12-year-old Dyllan and nine-year-old Isaac, every evening to run but would often venture further a field, running 114 miles across Hadrian’s Wall over two days and running 55 miles along the Liverpool canal.

Although there were a few days of the year that Si was unable to run due to injury or for Isaac’s birthday, he only missed 12 days of running and was able to make these up by adding the miles onto other running days.

He said: “I had a few blisters but nothing major, only a ankle injury that put me out for a few days when it rolled off a curb, and I suffered with pain in my shin and calves during the summer months.


“Weather was never too much of an issue because I just ran through it, even the beast from the east.

“I also had Isaac’s birthday off as he asked if I could stay home to be with him.

“I got through about five pairs of trainers and it become a ‘running’ joke with my friends that I’m like Forest Gump.

“It was hard work but all worth it.”

Since setting up his fundraising page in November 2017, the dad has raised over £7,000 for the National Autistic Society in the hopes it will go towards helping others, much like Isaac.


He said: “We knew that Isaac had some issues when he struggled to meet his emotional milestones.

“He wasn’t sure how to make friends but he is incredible bright and intelligent.

“He could be quite angry but with the help of medical staff and the charity we have been able to understand the condition a lot better and help Issac even more.”

If you would like to donate to Si’s funrasing page please click here: