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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

 A woman has been left traumatised after accidentally COOKING A LIVE SNAKE that was hiding in her toaster – and said the ‘sizzling sound’ will haunt her forever.

 Salleena Davis, was cooking her English muffin in the toaster last week [13 JAN] when she realised something was ‘not quite right’ with her usual daily breakfast.

 The 24-year-old from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, said she became concerned after hearing an unusually loud sizzling sound echoing from her toaster – but was not prepared for what she found.

Salleena said she ‘screamed’ when she discovered a carpet python slithering underneath her would-be breakfast – and then was horrified to realise that she was cooking the snake alive.

Salleena Davis / Caters News

The retail assistant said: “I’d just woken up that morning and started getting ready for work.

“We keep our toaster in the cupboard, so I thought I’d take it out and make my usual English muffin for breakfast.

“I popped it in the toaster, and it started cooking. About 10 seconds later it started making this really loud sizzling noise and I thought that was very odd. 

“English muffins don’t normally sizzle, and I thought that it couldn’t have been burning already.

PIC FROM Salleena Davis / Caters News

 “I had peeped inside and then I saw this thing moving around. I had a closer look and realised it was a snake crawling around, still alive.

 “I screamed the house down. I called out to my partner, because I’m absolutely terrified of snakes.

 “By the time he got to the toaster it has actually shorted out our power. There was smoke everywhere.

 “We thought the poor thing must have been electrocuted. I felt bad for it, but was just so horrified at the same time.”

PIC FROM Salleena Davis / Caters News

Salleena said she took the toaster outside to try and rescue the animal, but realised it would most likely die.

 She believes the animal is a carpet python but said it could have been a baby due to its small size.

 The 24-year-old added: “We took the toaster outside, and got the snake out, but it wasn’t moving.

“I had to go to work, but my partner said it did actually start moving late on a little bit. He then took it into the bush.

“I’m not sure but I doubt it would have survived because it was burning so much.

 “I found out later that there was a tiny little hole in the cupboard.

PIC FROM Salleena Davis / Caters News

“I’ve heard that snakes can make themselves smaller to get in spaces, so I think that’s what has happened.

“We use the toaster nearly every day. I’d last used it on the Friday, so it could have got in anytime that night or on Saturday.

“I felt so sick after it happened. I’ll never forget that sizzling sound.

“It wasn’t just finding the snake, but it was the fact that I was cooking it alive.

“I haven’t used the toaster since, and I don’t know what I’ll be able to again.

“It was really traumatising.”