By Jamie Smith

This incredible optical illusion shot shows a lioness appearing to swallow her cub’s head whole.

Swedish photographer Andreas Hemb captured the mind-boggling photograph in the Maasai Mara in Kenya late last year.

PIC FROM Andreas Hemb/Caters News 

Andreas, 43, said: “In this photo, it seems as if the cub’s head is completely within the mother’s mouth.”

“It’s a perfect example of how an image can fool the viewer without any modifications or editing.”

PIC FROM Andreas Hemb/Caters News 

“It was a truly magical meeting in nature and I feel blessed to be able to have observed it so closely. It’s a moment I will remember forever.”

Andreas said it proves how differently a scene can be viewed depending on the angle.

PIC FROM Andreas Hemb/Caters News 

He added: “When a lioness gives birth to cubs she moves away from the pride to protect the young ones.

“During this time she keeps them safe and often well hidden in thick bush.“From time to time she moves them to a new home, and it is during one of these moves that we were lucky enough to have this encounter.”