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By Andrew Kao

These heartwarming videos show the magical moment that a group of flight attendants made a sick girl’s dream come true.

Shannie Pooser lives with Down’s syndrome and has a terminal lung condition which is gradually suffocating her. 

PIC FROM Caters News

Despite the grim diagnosis, the family of the smiling 17-year-old have said that they’re determined to make every second count and have drawn up a bucket list for her.

Shannie, from South Carolina, has seen her family so far arrange for her to become a real life Disney Princess but say that her greatest ambition has been to become a flight attendant.

Remarkably, American Airlines were able to make the dream reality and give Shannie’s family seats on the plane so that they could all see their girl at work.

Videos shared by Shannie’s proud mum Deanna Berry earlier this month show the teen working as a fully-fledged crew member while she helps passengers put their seat belts on and go through the in-flight safety procedures.

Another video shows Shannie dishing out crisps to hungry family members as the crew look on in awe.

PIC FROM Caters News

Deanna said: “She’s currently battling a series of terminal airway defects. 

“So basically she suffocates through out the day, especially at night time. 

“Night time is the hardest for her. So for her day to day activities she’s not really doing much. 

“Despite that, I’m just on a mission to make all her dreams come true.”

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Deanna, a mum-of-five, said that following the turn in Shannie’s condition, she and her family drew up the bucket list for her.

Deanna said: “She’s incredibly amazing and I love her fight and I draw strength from her. 

“So what we do is we share our story to empower people to never give up on your dreams regardless of your ability. 

“And to never stop until you reach your goals. 

“There are no limits, there is no sky, there is no sky there is no limits when it comes to your dreams and aspirations.”