Animals Video

BY Andrew Kao 

Now that’s fishy – a pet fish has been caught playing dead before making the great escape down its owners toilet. 

Owner, Amanda Curtin, 24, was left speechless when her beloved pet fish, Sammy, made a jump for it after playing dead – just like the film, Finding Nemo. 

The blue and red fish had lives with Amanda since April last year after she was given Sammy as a present. 

But on January 15, she found him to be seemingly dead in his tank but it was all a con as the clip shows him fleeing from the net and straight down the toilet. 

The receptionist, from Martinsburg, West Virginia, US, said: “I didn’t manage to get him out of the toilet as he swam off straight off. 

“I don’t have any photos of us together but I did video the moment he was about to be flushed down the toilet.”