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By Ellie Duncombe

This drone captures the amazing moment thousands of devil rays took turns jumping out of the water while travelling together. 

Erik Jones, 39, from California, captured the spectacular event last month during a trip to Baja, Mexico. 

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He sent his drone out in hope of trying to catch some whales on their migration southward until he started hearing a loud slapping noise in the water. 

He was stunned to find multiple fevers – the plural word for rays – of devil rays and decided to follow them around for a few hours. 

Erik said: “I was super excited to watch these amazing rays jumping out of the water as it was a novel sight for me. 

Caters News

“I don’t know why they jump out of the water but know there are a few theories around it that they are doing it for fun or removing parasites. 

“The rays seemed to be moving in groups from five to the largest which may have had 5,000 or more.”

Caters News

Erik found the rays would jump for a certain period of time before stopping and then repeating the process of jumping out of the water again. 

He added: “I was mesmerised for hours by them.”