Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A crafty toddler has found his way around a pesky baby gate by using a dog cage to climb on to the kitchen counter and get to snacks.

Not to be denied his favourite fruit snacks by one pesky barrier at home in Fort Myers, Florida, little Jax Matejka used his ingenuity.

While mum Tiffany was out of the room, her one-year-old son found the perfect solution, clambering on top of the cage for her sister’s dog, Penny.

Having reached the top, Jax then lifts himself on to the kitchen counter, having a little play in the sink before opening the snack cupboard, only to be foiled by his mum.

Tiffany said: “Honestly, I was impressed.

“We have been working on trying to get him not to climb things, because he climbs everything. 

“But he is very serious about food and the gate wasn’t going to stop him. 

“He will climb anything to get what he wants.”

Tiffany – who has three more sons, Hunter, seven, Zander, six, and Bentley, five – became suspicious when she found food wrappers on her kitchen floor.

Presuming it was one of her holder sons, she decided to leave the room and then come back in to catch the surprising culprit, Jax.

She said: “He always wants fruit snacks

“I went to the bathroom and came out and saw him inside the cabinet. 

“So, I tested it and locked him out of the gate and went back into the bathroom to hide, and snuck out and saw him climbing up.”