By Taniya Dutta

cMike Sutherland, 31, took the stunning images of the ‘three headed‘ giraffe in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The photographer – who has been documenting inspiring images of wildlife for over eight years – said he was intrigued by his own camera trick.

Pic By Mike Sutherland/ Caters News

Mike said: “They had lined up in a row and whilst photographing, I captured this image which depicts one giraffe drinking, the second having just finished drinking and the third finished drinking and beginning to move away.

Mike had been following the long-necked animals which are about five to six metres tall had been for sometime and eventually took the perfectly-timed images when he saw them approaching a puddle.

Pic By Mike Sutherland/ Caters News

He said: “We had been following these three giraffes for some time as they moved through some open grasslands.

“There was heavy rainfall the night before and as they approached a clearing, there was a pool of water and they decided to have a drink.

“The three giraffes bent over, in their clumsy manner, to have a drink.

“The image, to my eyes, looks like a single giraffe with three heads drinking from the puddle.”