Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A savage rhino attack shows an angry male using its horn to butt a rival through a tree.

As Tim Brown, 35, led a tour through the Hluhluwe Game Reserve in South Africa, his jeep came to a sudden stop when he was confronted by the powerful pair.

Initially being backed around the tree, one of the rhinos turns the tables and starts using its horn to powerfully poke its competition in the side.

Using its strong legs to drive forward, the pair disappear behind a bush, in the footage filmed in July 2018, but only uploaded on December 14.

Tim, who owns Tim Brown Tours, said: “I’ve never seen a rhino attack as savage as this.

“The battle carried on for at least 10 minutes and by the end, the defeated animal had some puncture wounds from the rival’s horn.

“It was amazing to see their brute strength up close.

“This really was nature at its rawest.”