By Jack Williams

These photographers have managed to capture the biggest laughs on couples’ biggest days, finding their shots places among the world’s funniest wedding photos.

The annual competition celebrates the best wedding photographs from across the globe, and in the ‘Humour’ category there was no shortage of sidesplitting shots.

From interruptions by horses and camels to dressed up dogs, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers received an array of submissions for its 2018 contests.

These quarterly competitions received around 20,000 entries across all categories, and this week the final selection for Fall of 2018 was announced, rounding off the best of the year.

Judge Joe Milton, who judged 1,300 ‘Humour’ category entries, said: “Simply put, does the image make you laugh, or chuckle, or bring you delight?

“Usually there is something unexpected or surprising in the image that sets it apart from other images.

“It may be sheer good luck that the photographer caught the image at just the right time, but it also requires a keen eye, being prepared at all times, and for the photographer themselves to have a sense of humour.

“Photographers are artists, and most artists appreciate getting recognition for their work.

“Winning ISPWP contest awards means your work has been selected by four world-class photographers, and many of the winners express their gratitude as well as pride in their accomplishment.

“The ISPWP promotes our contest winners on our website and across social media year round, so that helps to raise your stature in the industry and your marketability to clients.”