By Taniya Dutta

These hilarious pictures of Javan Mynas show the moment they kick at each other like Kung-Fu warriors.

Dimas Bewok, 34, was passing through a golf course in Bintan Island in Indonesia when he spotted the two pairs of indigenous birds, mainly known for their melodious singing and speaking abilities, engaged into a rough fight.

Pic By Dimas Bewok/ CATERS NEW

Surprised by their angry behaviour, he quickly took out his camera and captured the moment in lens.

Dimas said: “I was riding a motorcycle, suddenly not too far from me, I heard the sound of birds that were very noisy.

Pic By Dimas Bewok/ CATERS NEWS

“After I saw carefully, I was surprised to see the two pairs of the Javan myna were fighting.

“I was lucky that I brought a camera and I quickly photographed the moment.

“I did not expect they kicked each other with their legs.

Pic By Dimas Bewok/ CATERS NEWS

“It was like a scene from Kung Fu movies that I watched on TV.

“I am very happy to get this photo, I have never seen a bird photo like this.”