Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

 A dozy Doberman proved herself to be a little bit nutty when she jumped into a window trying to chase a squirrel outside.

 Courtney Simmons, 22, was sat with her faithful dog Mila at home in Austin, Texas, on January 8, when the one-year-old Doberman mix spotted a rogue rodent outside.

 Perturbed by the intruder, Mila sits bolt upright on the bed with her ears pricked back paying close attention to every movement.

 Suddenly, the protective pooch launches herself at the sneaky squirrel, crashing into the glass and tangling herself up in the blinds.

 Courtney said: “Never did I expect Mila to lunge at the window like that.

 “She’d never done anything like that before, and I felt guilty for encouraging her at first.

 “Once I set the phone down, I realized she was completely fine.

“Mila usually sits on the bed and watches the birds while I do my makeup, but that morning a squirrel was digging right outside the bedroom window and she was transfixed.

“I opened up the patio door for her to go out, but she was too fixed on making sure the squirrel didn’t leave her sight.”