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By Randal Coombs 

This is the emotional moment a teenager sings her mum’s favourite song as she walked down the aisle. 

Tracy White Forde was captured walking down the aisle on her big day as her daughter, Leah Hoey, 14, sang  ‘I Promise You’ by Donna Taggart. 

PIC FROM Caters News

Leah’s father, Peter Hoey, 36 – Tracy’s ex-partner – can be seen playing on the guitar as Leah sings to the dozens of wedding guests. 

Tracy was blown away by their performance as she walked through the church with her son, Dylan, 16, before meeting her new husband, Stephen, 34, at the altar. 

She added: “I wanted my kids to be a big part of the wedding, so Leah sang me up the aisle whilst Dylan walked me half way up the aisle. 

PIC FROM Caters News

“Their dad, Peter, and I are still friends. He lives in Tenerife, so he flew over the night before the wedding and they practiced but Leah got it straight away.

“As I was walking up the aisle, she just blew me away and got a standing ovation afterwards. 

“Leah has been singing since she was just four years old, she has always been a performer.

“We go to Tenerife twice a year to visit Peter who plays in a bar every night and Leah takes the house down when we are there.”