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By Federico Cornetto

A student turned accidental ‘cat whisperer’ claims kittens constantly flock to him on his walks to university – due to his soothing deep voice.

Aspiring voice actor Matt Perry first realised he had the ability to start a conversation with any cat he meets two years ago and is now making a name for himself online by talking felines into getting stroked.

PIC FROM Caters News

With his deep and soothing voice, and also with the help of treats, the 24-year-old computing student, from Leicester, said he can get any cat to roll on their back for a belly massage.

Kittens often reply to the third year De Montfort University student with unintelligible meows, which Matt claims he has learned to decipher.

Matt says: “It all started in mid-2017, when a friend invited me to a Facebook group dedicated to pictures and videos of cats they saw.

“I recorded a video of a cat in my street, and, almost immediately, people started asking me for more videos of me petting cats and talking to them.

“My voice was always brought up by people in games and voice chat apps, but I’d never gotten so many comments about it before.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I’ve always been around cats since childhood, we adopted a kitten when I was eight and called him Tigger, and he’s still around after 16 years.

“Neighbourhood cats always used to flock to our garden for free food and attention from my sister and I.

“Now I try and record about one cat video a week, sometimes two, depending on the weather.

“It’s hard to release content at regular intervals when you’re doing something as guerrilla as filming local cats.”

Despite Matt’s experience with both voice acting and kittens, he says filming himself talking to cats can be tricky.

But he said his online kitty clips have so far brought him more fame than his previous voiceover jobs ever did.

PIC FROM Caters News

Matt said: “I’ve done a few voiceover gigs for an agency, two of which were ads for the EU Wage Union.

“Other work has mostly been in the form of narrating uni friends’ coursework and personal greetings.

“Last year I volunteered to record a few short lines for an indie game called Murnatan, I shouted some lines in a really bad American accent, but it was really fun to record.”