Amazing Video

By Kristina Hall

Now that’s what you call hair-raising – a young woman has styled her hair into a series of impressive styles from aeroplanes to monkeys and even a human face – without using any hairspray. 

Laetitia Ky, 22, from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, has created the most obscure styles she can think of and often takes hours perfecting each hair do. 

PIC FROM @laetitiaky/Caters News

Inspired by African tribes, Laetitia has gained a massive following on Instagram for her unique hairstyles. 

The clothes designer said: “They can take me hours – I use hair extensions, wire, wool, thread. 

PIC FROM @laetitiaky/Caters News

“To hold it all in place I have to do a very tight ponytail as foundation for the hairstyle. 

“I don’t use any product, it’s all about braiding.

PIC FROM @laetitiaky/Caters News

“I came across an Instagram album of hairstyles women used to wear in some African tribes prior to colonisation. 

“These hairstyles were really impressive and made me want to use hair styling as a means of expression.”

PIC FROM @laetitiaky/Caters News