Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

 A crafty gamer pulled off an incredible Jenga move by flicking a brick out of the tower.

 Dennis Nave was in the middle of an intense stand-off in the intensely popular board game with his friends on January 13, when he was left in a sticky situation.

 At home in Waterbury, Connecticut, five layers of the blocks are precariously perched on top of just one more, making it look like defeat is imminent.

 Turning the tower in a more favourable position, Dennis then flicks his chosen block with both middle fingers sending it flying.

Incredibly the rest of the tower stays standing, leaving Dennis and his mates Alex, Mike and Jared Andrews, who filmed, in raptures.

 Jared said: “Mike had just moved in, and, as his TV wasn’t hooked up yet, we had literally nothing else to do.

 “We’ve never played Jenga before and the game was getting brutally dull, so we decided to try out something tricky. 

 “Dennis ended up winning the game.

 “I was the next in line and I ended up getting totally screwed by the move.”