Video Viral

 By Neo Bye

 This astonishing video shows a fitness freak flipping up a ladder one handed – while missing out rungs.

 Matthew Bowles, a former gymnast, has been able to do chin ups since he was young but as he has got older has been able to develop the incredible technique and strength needed to jump himself upwards on a ladder in the same style as a salmon.

 In the footage, the 21-year-old trainee draughtsman can be seen using all his might to push himself upwards as he tries to push the bar, determined to reach the highest point on the climbing frame.

 Taken at Ninja Academy in Perth, Western Australia, Matthew said: “I could just do them, because of having good pull up strength from rock climbing and training as a gymnast in my younger years.”

 “On the first go I could do it.

 “Everyone I have shown the video to has been amazed.”