Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

This obese cat LOVES nothing more than getting his butt scratched.

Taddy – a domestic short haired cat from Philadelphia, US – likes it so much he appears to make car-like noises in enjoyment. 

Veterinary nurse, Caitlyn Howell, 33, shot the video after Taddy was brought into the animal shelter after his previous owner couldn’t care for him anymore. 

Taddy currently weighs 23lbs [over 10kg] which is more than double the weight he should be. 

She added: “He was a little grumpy when he came in to the shelter and because he’s so obese weighing in at a whopping 23lbs. 

“He had a big patch of matted hair on his back so I started scratching at it to loosen it up and make him more comfortable and he started making tons of noise.”