Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A hilarious video shows a confused pooch who starts BARKING at a billboard with a dog on.

Elouise Henley, was driving in Brisbane, Australia, with her dog Mitzi last week when the mutt got into some confusion. 

When looking out of the window, the two-year-old started to bark when she saw a ‘dog’.

However the funny footage reveals that the ‘dog’ is actually just a photograph on a billboard.

Elouise said: “We always leave the car windows down for Mitzi as she loves to stick her head out and feel the breeze. 

“We pulled up to this mural and Mitzi is either very excited to see a friend that is giant, or a bit worried that she’s not the same size.

“She’s never reacted like this before and we have never seen this wall,

“She’s always doing things that surprise us everyday. 

“She’s more like a human than anything, and she honestly is one of the most loving and stupid dogs there is.”