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By Jessica Grieveson-Smith 

 The distraught family of four-year-old Amelia Brooke Wright – who was drowned and burnt by her own mother – have spoken out for the first time.

 Tiffany Wright, 30, and her partner, Mathew, 31, are speaking about the horrific crime on June 8 after her sister and killer, Carly Ann Harris appeared in court.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Tiffany Wright, 30, and her husband, Mathew, 31)

 She was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity on December 17 – something that has angered Tiffany’s family.

 After being the first on the scene, Tiffany recalls the terror when she realised her sister had killed her youngest daughter, Amelia, at their family home.

 Amelia – who was initially drowned by mum-of-three, from Tonypandy, South WalesCarly – was then set alight for her family to find.

 Tiffany has begun a campaign, titled #JusticeforAmelia and plans to protest the insanity verdict given to her sister.

 Amelia’s Auntie also from South Wales, said: “I want justice for my niece who was wise beyond her years.

 Tiffany said, “I was extremely close to Amelia. 

 “Amelia was the most loving little girl, and to me, she was almost like a surrogate child.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Tiffany Wright )

 “She was such a special kid, who loved dancing, glitter and make-up.

“I had so much fun with her.

“I will never forget receiving that phone call.

 “It was about 10pm in the evening and Carly rang.

“She sounded only a little upset as she told me, ‘I’ve killed Amelia.”

Tiffany further added, “I’ve spoken with my sister since.

“Every time I think about that night, my stomach flips and I feel sick. 

“Carly said she wishes she’d given Amelia to me.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Tiffany and Carly)

“She knew what she was going to do.

“She’d always had a sick sense of humour.

 “It was wicked really. 

“I pleaded with her and asked, please tell me you’ve not done anything to that baby.

“I was hoping she was just unwell, but then she said.

“She’d drowned her, and burnt her. 

“She’d planned it for a long time and she knew she was going to do it that night as she left my house.”

Tiffany received a letter from her sister, apologising but Tiffany believes there was much more to her sister’s crime.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Tiffany, Amelia and Carly.)

“Carly was given a choice to plead insanity or diminished responsibility.

“It was a calculated move.

“She’d studied drama at school, and I’m sure – she’s acting.

“She asked a friend how to act out paranoid schizophrenia and how to get sectioned.

“I’d not heard her mention any of these signs and symbols she’s supposed to have had but a few weeks prior she had been looking into Illuminati and the number seven.

 “She was fine the night before.” 

Carly’s two sons were among the first to find Amelia’s body after Carly had burnt the tragic tot in white sheets in the back garden.

 Their aunt is hoping that along with funding for a barrister to re-open the case, and try Carly for murder, fundraising efforts will help her two nephews come to terms with what has happened.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Amelia Brook Harris.)

 Tiffany said, “They used to be so outgoing but now they’re withdrawn.

 They lost everything that night and I want to be able to give them something back, to love and to spoil them.

 “But we’re determined to get justice for Amelia.”

 Using the hashtag #JusticeforAmelia Tiffany, and her partner Mathew, 31, a carer have plans to organise multiple protests and have set up a petition which has already got over 4,000 signatures.

 Tiffany said, “We need to get Amelia’s story out there. 

 “Carly should be in jail, not hospital, getting takeaways.

“I never thought she’d be capable of this, and she should have received a life sentence.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Amelia Brook Harris.)

“Amelia was just a month shy of her fifth birthday, a beautiful loving girl, filled with so much empathy.

 “She was so full of love and care, she beamed of it.

 “My mum and other family members might believe Carly but it’s easier for them forgive than to accept what’s happened.”

To help support Amelia’s siblings and campaign #JusticeforAmelia, the following GoFundMe page has been set up;