Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye 

A magician has left his crowd speechless with his ‘magic touch’ after performing tricks in the street. 

Filmed last month, this video clip shows Justin Sight, 28, showcasing his impressive variety of skills. 

He can be seen performing classic card tricks to tapping one person who is looking directly into their friends eyes who then also feels the touch too – something that shocks his audience. 

The video shows Justin approaching people across America such as Venice beach, LA, Rockefeller Centre, NYC and the The Grand Central Subway Station and NYC.

Justin, who has been a magician for 18 years, added: “It brings me joy to see people’s upliftment and expansion triggered by what I do. One of the fastest ways to experience anything is to give it to another. 

“I began practicing at age 10, and although there are long hiatuses in actively seeking to learn new material in my high school years and several years after, I would find myself performing somewhere throughout the year.

“Learning magic was triggered by a television show called, ‘Worlds Greatest Magic.'”