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By Ellie Duncombe

This is the moment a mischievous bulldog puppy tore apart his owner’s tent.

Janette Gamble, 54, caught the moment her son’s 11-month-old bulldog, Ty, began

PIC FROM Caters News

tearing at parts of the fabric while dogsitting with her friend in Ruakaka in New Zealand’s North Island last month.

Son Brandon, 27, had put the tent up so he could sleep in there however he forgot his airbed so went to go and get it – meaning he wasn’t there when naughty Ty began his destructive course.

Gardener and mum-of-two Janette was unable to stop Ty from ripping apart the tent in Brandon’s absence, leaving behind the shredded mess caught on camera.

Janette, from Wellington, said: “Ty is quite naughty but he is just a typical puppy.

PIC FROM Caters News

“He has never done anything like this before so it was quite a shock when we caught him.

“We haven’t brought a new tent since and have just put away this tent for now.”