Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

An Instagram-famous alpaca is enjoying the high life after being saved from the slaughter house due to his undesirable coat. 

Alfie is one of the luckiest alpaca’s around after being adopted by his new owner, Jeff Cheng, 32, from am nearby farm to prevent him being sent to the butcher. 

Jeff, from Adelaide, South Australia, said: “Alfie’s fur isn’t desired for fleece as it’s multicoloured.  

“If unwanted alpaca’s aren’t adopted within two years end up going to the butcher, so when I found Alfie, I rescued him from that fate.”

Alfie appears to have settled into suburban life well enjoying his daily walks and watching television. 

Jeff added: “He’s settled in with our life and routines, and gets excited for his daily walk to the park, after which he will happy watch TV with us inside until his bedtime, where he often wants to sleep inside on his blanket. 

“Alfie loves car rides to the beach and enjoys rolling in the sand too.”