Video Viral

By Kristiana Hall

 This terrifying footage shows a daredevil scale a crane – and be rewarded with a breathtaking view.  

 Ervin Punker from Estonia, has been living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for the past two years working as a filmmaker and parkour athlete.

PIC FROM Ninja Zone /Caters News

 The 21-year-old has been climbing all his life after being inspired by parkour and free-running.

 This terrifying footage, filmed late last year, shows Ervin filming himself as he climbs the crane, located close to Amsterdam’s Central Station, with no safety gear whatsoever early in the morning so he could catch the stunning sunrise. 

Ervin said: “Climbing this massive crane was one of those moments when you see something amazing and think to yourself ‘wow, this looks absolutely stunning, imagine if you climbed it, how crazy would that be?’  

“Filming the video was exciting until the driver seat at half way up, from which going upward was just a straight climb up with nothing around or under me.

PIC FROM Ninja Zone /Caters News

“At this point I had to prepare my mind to shut down the magnificent drop I was constantly facing, and to concentrate only on climbing the bars I could feel and trust.

“Nothing can break the determination once you have passed the first step of facing the fear and taking control over it.

 “The view itself was just breathtaking, a gorgeous experience.”

 Ervin said the mighty crane took him just 20 minutes to scale, and he spent 15 minutes taking in the view from the top.

 The 21-year-old, who has been climbing trees and exploring abandoned houses since he was a youngster, said he never gets scared during a climb as this is when mistakes can happen.

 He added: “Standing at the top, I was just taking it all in and ‘wowing’ about 150 times.

PIC FROM Ninja Zone /Caters News

 “I got back down in less than 10 minutes and escaped before the world would wake up and spot me at the construction site.

 “I feel absolutely calm and in peace when I climb, to me it’s a type of meditation.

 “My mind is completely free and I’m in total control of my thoughts and actions.

 “It’s powerful but that power is nothing without control, because if you are not in control 100 per cent of the experience something bad can happen. Being aware is the key. “