By Iain Watts

A dad has captured the hilarious moment an Emu appears to be smiling at the camera.

Ahmed Ibrahim, 42, was exploring the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia with his family when he found an Emu wondering the grounds.


Grabbing his camera, the Electrical Engineer started to take photos of the Emu.

However whilst taking the photos, Ahmed realised that the Emu was smiling at him and captured this hilarious shot.

Ahmed, from Melbourne, Aus, said: “The sun and heat limited the Emu’s activities and stayed mostly under the shade where my daughter started to wave, jump, clap and run to attract the bird and try to get the bird’s attention to look straight to my lens.

MERCURY PRESS.“It a friendly bird and it doesn’t fear human, it can get closer to show affection.

“It reminds me of a toothless smiling infant.

“This image attracted the most comments and likes from my friends, it boosted their mood and gave them some positivity.”