By Kristiana Hall

This poor giraffe didn’t ask for a dentist – but had her tongue bitten by an oxpecker anyway.

Fiona Noyes, 47, a chief client officer in a startup company, captured the two animals during a trip to Selenkey, Kenya.

PIC FROM Fiona Noyes /Caters News

Fiona, who is originally from New Zealand but has been living in New York for the past 18 years, was inspired to start photography by her love for animals.

She said: “This was a fun thing to see – oxpeckers are often seen hanging out on lots of the big mammals in Africa eating the tics and other bugs or parasites on the mammals, and sometimes they even clean between their teeth.

PIC FROM Fiona Noyes /Caters News

“I don’t think this little oxpecker meant to land on this giraffe‘s tongue however, they were both pretty surprised.”